Is cheap, reliable, internet access too hard?

October 18, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

My DSL upload speed sucks. 100-150 kbps is as good as it gets for my alleged 768 kbps upload connection. Verizon technical support tells me two things:

  1. Our system says I am getting 416 kbps
  2. We don’t do support for upload speeds

Their reasoning is that if the download speed is Ok, then the upload speed will be Ok too. That’s it, you’re on your own.

I’ve done as much testing as I can here, and it still seems to me to be a problem in the Verizon network, but the first line of tech support is designed to avoid actually helping me. Thanks to, I now have the phone number of some uber-support group at Verizon that has helped people in the past.

Perhaps I can switch to Comcast?

It seems not. To get cable to my home will cost me $6500 for Comcast to extend their system close enough to my house to send a signal.

What about other DSL providers? They all use the same Verizon infrastructure and charge a lot more money for less speed.

Why is upload speed suddenly so important? Slingbox! Without decent upload speed, Slingbox isn’t useful outside my house.