Seahawks Rock!

October 24, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

For the first time in a long time, the Seahawks had some good luck and managed to squeak by with a win against Dallas! This was the loudest we’ve heard Seahawks Stadium Qwest Field.

The second best part of the day was being on the field for warmups and team introductions. The Seahawks organized this for a bunch of suite holders, the first time in this stadium.

Those guys are big. The small guys are my size.

We were on the Dallas side of the field for this treat, so we were real close to the Dallas players as they came and went. I was this close to Drew Bledsoe and The Tuna.

The first time it rains on a home game in this stadium, I happen to be on the field getting wet!

A great day out, a Seahawks win, and not terrible traffic to get out. The day was spoilt only by ESPN not having an evening game due to some leftover baseball games being played. It’s October, aren’t they done yet?