Seahawks sunburnt in San Francisco?

November 21, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

The Seahawks took us to our annual away game, this year in San Francisco. This year was the best we’ve been to so far. Once again, the Seahawks manage to get me sunburnt in November. The temperature in SF was over 70 on Sunday, and we had seats in the sun. We did manage to find a tube of SPF 8 sunscreen, and that did a good enough job to stop a full burn.

The heat may have got to the Seahawks too, as they wilted a bit in the second half.

The SF crowd were completely out of it in the first half. The player introductions were the quietest I’ve ever heard.

The 49ers had an ace up their sleeve though – at half time, bring out Steve Young and present him with his Hall of Fame ring. Now the crowd comes alive.

The final 2 point conversion attempt was right in front of us, but we couldn’t see what happened as all the photographers were in the way. It took us a while to realize they didn’t make it!

Before the game, the Seahawks got us into an invite only tailgate party that had some 49er alumni. We had at least 3 hall of famers in their cream/yellow jackets. They were doing the autograph thing, talking to fans. Very cool. Lisa recognized Y A Tittle as he was introduced on stage at half time. If only I’d known who these guys were. It seems rude to get autographs or pictures from people whose name you may not even know.

The Seahawks always treat us really well. We had a great time.