Weirdness in Napa

November 26, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

Last Saturday, we spent about 5 hours in Napa on a trip organized by the Seahawks. We visited two wineries – Opus One and Neibaum Coppola. We had a great time at both. Opus One took us on a tour of the facility and we had a tasting in a dining room that opens onto their impressive barrel room.

At Neibaum Coppola, they took us to a private area and we tasted wine and ate some great cheese.

Here’s where the weirdness begins. After our cheese and wine, a bunch of helicopters started buzzing around. It was quite annoying. It turns out that Christina Aguilera was getting married on a neighboring property.

The other weird thing. Whilst driving there and back, we noticed a house just off the road on a hill. It turns out it was the Napa house from this CNN article

Coincidence? I don’t think so…