How to make cheese - 2

September 28, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

Our two day adventure in making cheese is almost over, all we need to do now is drive home. We met some great people and learnt a great deal about how to make cheese for small scale production.

The hands on part was great, split into 8 groups, we made two different cheeses – feta and havarti. I was in a group making the feta and Lisa made the other. Being able to see what other people were doing differently, whilst following the same instructions was very informative. All of the cheeses turned out to be edible, but some were better than others. Our feta was a little over-salted (my fault), but tasted ok later on the second day.

Dave Potter taught us all about starters and cultures, this can be a very technical area, and it did seem that way for most people, but knowing the process that is going on will help us control it better. Dave also did a section on how to control the process, which things can be changed, what happens to other parts if you do change them.

The key thing with any question about making cheese is: It Depends! There are so many different ways of doing any one part of the process that you just have to do it yourself to learn it. Also, as we saw earlier, everyone follows instructions differently, so there is rarely a definititive answer.

I just noticed that the flyer for this course has four pictures of Leon of Llangloffan Farmhouse Cheese making his cheese on the front.

Coincidence? I don’t think so…