The Seahawks Rock!

January 15, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

On Saturday the Seahawks won their first playoff game in forever – woot!

Before the game, we attended a large breakfast with the CEO Tod Leiweke and President of Football Operations Tim Ruskell. Steve Raible was there too.

In addition, they had three of the Seahawks Ring of Honor inductees there – Curt Warner, Jacob Green and Steve Largent. Lisa ran to get our Steve Largent Wheaties box and had Steve sign it for us!

80 of us managed to get into a group to do the flag ceremony before the game. We went down to the field just after 10:30, and then spent 20 minutes doing a run through of the whole flag thing. Then we had to wait around on the field for the next two hours before the game.

Doing the flag during the national anthem was a blast. We didn’t screw it up, and as we were leaving the field, 4 helicopters flew over in formation – Army, Air Force? I couldn’t tell, but that was cool too. 67000 of our closest friends is kind of loud on that field.

We managed to get back to our suite right at kickoff, although we missed the introductions, we didn’t miss any of the game.

Next week is the Carolina Panthers!