At least Rich thinks I'm funny

January 24, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

I sent an email to Rich Eisen at the NFL Network (The most watched NFL Network owned by the NFL). Actually, I sent two emails. He printed them both in his weekly column!

Here’s the relevant chunk, in case the article goes away in the far distant future.

This one could be my favorite one of all because in chastising me for getting Jackson’s name wrong, John got wrong the wrong name by which I called Jackson. Not to pick nits, John, but I called Jackson “Dexter” not “Derrick.” But, then, three hours later, this email hit the inbox.

Rich, Rich, Rich… Dexter Jackson? I didn’t believe it when you said it once, but then you said it again. Even my wife was shouting abuse at the Telly (I’m British, so I have that foreign angle covered). I know he’s been missing for most of the season, but his name is Darryl Jackson.

Tom Fakes

Good ol’ chap, that Tom. Puts Jackson’s correct name in bold with neat little asterisks on each side and yet…it’s misspelled. Then, about four hours later, Tom wrote back.

Oops — it’s Darrell.

Nothing more to see here, move along. Love your show!

Now, that’s hilarious. Thanks for realizing it’s easy to get something wrong even when you think you’re right, Tom. To be honest, calling Darryl, I mean, Darrell Jackson “Dexter” is what we in the business call, for the lack of a better phrase, a brain fart.