How hard is it to make X-Sendfile work in Lighttpd?

November 2, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

Install the code, follow the documentation, start the server, send the header. How hard could it be? Well, in some versions, it’s quite easy, however, the version of lighttpd I started with wasn’t one of them!

From my recent experience, version 1.4.13 with FastCGI just doesn’t work. Empty content all round, and no errors reading the configuration to clue me in to errors.

The 1.5.0 version of the code works great with FastCGI with the same configuration that doesn’t work for 1.4.13. However, the new proxy-core code doesn’t forward requests to my Mongrel instances. Probably an issue with my configuration, so I’ll play with this some more.

The proxy c0de in the 1.4.x codebase doesn’t do X-Sendfile, so that option is out.

Since 1.5.0 isn’t released yet, I would think twice about using it in production sites. And I really want to use Mongrel for my Rails code.

In summary:
1.4.13 – FastCGI doesn’t work, mod_proxy isnt implemented
1.5.0 – FastCGI works, mod_proxy doesn’t work