We're here!

February 3, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

We’ve made it to Detroit!

The travel was pretty good, PrimeSport has this all worked out. Our luggage did get put in the wrong room (but someone in our party, so no big deal).

We’re at the Crowne Plaza at the airport, not a bad hotel. We spent the evening drinking beer and eating wings in the bar here (good wings!) Tomorrow, we venture out into Steeler Town North.

I’m using free wireless from the hotel across the street. I’ve noticed that the more expensive the hotel, the worse the network is – here we have wired access (and it probably costs money) – the cheaper hotel has the free wireless. How does that work?

I do have to sit by the window to get 1 Mbps.

Lisa’s already purchased our first Seahawks XL merchandise – a blue T shirt for me.