Seahawks fans are the best in the NFL

February 7, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

I’ve heard Matt and other Seahawk players and staff say that the Seahawk fans are the best in the NFL. After seeing the Steeler fans on Sunday, they may be right.

The Steelers weren’t nasty or anything, in fact the ones I met were pretty good. As a group, they just didn’t seem to be football fans. They are Steeler fans, and the Steelers just happen to play football.

During the game, two things stood out:

  • There were a lot of Steeler fans in the stadium
  • They were very quiet until their team was up by 11 points.

When the Seahawks play at home, the fans cheer from the opening whistle, and on every defensive down (sometimes louder than others, but there’s always some noise). The Steelers weren’t even in the game on the first snap of the game!

They did get into the game toward the end, but even then, despite a huge numerical advantage, you could still talk to the people next to you. That would not be possible at Quest Field, and we were trying our best to make that happen in Ford Field.

In addition, they would cheer loudly when their offense was on the field. This didn’t matter too much, since they weren’t that loud.

We put so much effort into cheering our team on, we were exhausted at the end of the game. This was a first for us. The Steeler fans were well rested.

“It was like an away game for us, there’s no question about that,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. “But if there were 90 percent Steelers fans and 10 percent Seahawks fans, I thought the Seahawks fans were just as loud, if not louder at times.”

All of this was a surprise, because the same Steeler fans were far from quiet on the street before the game.

I saw a news report that described the Steeler fans as ‘thunderous’. I don’t think he was in the same building as me – perhaps he was in a nearby bar?