New computers are fun

I just received my new Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. Its got a 1680×1050 15.4" display, Intel Duo CPU at 2GHz, a bunch of RAM, an 80GB disk, and it’s really quiet!

Here’s the Dell web page

The first thing I did was start uninstalling all the crap Dell felt the need to supply me. Wow there’s a lot of crap. There’s also a bunch of stuff running at startup. This stuff is trickier to get rid of.

Did I mention how quiet this thing is?

I got the Media Center version, with an external TV tuner. I will be trying to set this up with our DirecTV HD tuner to watch and record TV with. This should also allow my videos to be viewable by the XBox 360.

Next thing is to install my development tools and move as much of my configuration from my old Toshiba tablet PC.