Bittorrent ports blocked by Millenium Digital

We’re currently living in a place (in Bellevue, WA) that gives us internet access through Millenium Digital cable. The speed is Ok, but in the middle of last week my bittorrent downloads of the TV show Fifth Gear stopped working.

Since no-one else on the Final Gear web sie was complaining, I assumed it was just me seeing this problem. After some research, it looks like Millenium is blocking port 6969, the bittorrent default tracker port.

Luckily, I have a Dreamhost account that allows me shell access. I installed the enhanced version of CTorrent to my account and downloaded the files to there, and then just copied the files out of my account using WinSCP. Suprisingly, even doing it this way was actually faster than using Bittorret had been!

The next step would be to run a proxy server at my Dreamhost account and work out how to get ABC (my bittorrent client) to use this proxy server for port 6969 access. Just looking in the UI gives no clues to how this is done, so some trial and error will be needed to make this work.