The Seahawks Suite experience

August 10, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

This is the last year of our suite lease with the Seahawks. For this last year, I will be blogging about every event that we attend, and all the stuff that they give us over the year. This will both give people a view into the VIP experience that the NFL can offer, as well as provide a record for myself so I can remember the good times we had.

First, some background.

Back in 1999, I conviced Dinarte to go in with me to share a 10 person suite for the last year of the Kingdome. This was Mike Holmgren’s first year with the Seahawks, and this was a good way to get good seats. I’ll post about some of the things that I can remember from that first year during the quiet times.

In 2000, the Seahawks started selling suites in the yet-to-be-built stadium. They had a mock-up of a 24 seat suite in their office, and we quickly picked an 18 seat suite on the club level. We picked this for two reasons. Firstly, it was the only ‘small’ (less than 36 seats) suite that was close to the middle of the field, and secondly, there are concession stands outside, so we wouldn’t need to buy the food every week.

Map of the club level suites

For signing a five year lease and paying a deposit, the Seahawks took us to the next two superbowls – flights, hotels, transport, tickets. Dinarte and I went to Tampa to see the Ravens beat the Giants, and then Lisa and I went to New Orleans to watch the heavily favored Rams lose to the Patriots.

When the new stadium opened, we moved into our suite and watched the games for the next four years. We are now in our final year, let the games begin!

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