Drive slow in Concrete unless you have money to burn

August 26, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

I’d heard that Concrete, WA was not a place you want to speed through, but on my two previous trips through that town, I’d seen no police presence.

This last weekend, we drove through Concrete twice. On the east bound trip, there was a speed trap right at the exit of the town, just as the limit went back up to 50, followed by 3 more speed traps over the next 20 miles! I guess there’s no crime in the area.

On the way back a few days later, again on the exit of town, another speed trap on the side of the road.

The traps in town were both in the parking lots of convenience stores or gas stations, with unmarked cars for cover. I didn’t even see the last one at all – Lisa noticed as we cruised by at exactly 35 mph in the Z8.

There is a large sign on the highway – Speed Limit 35mph – for the kids! Needless to say, this road is on the outskirts of town, and I’ve never seen a kid when driving through here.

Drive slow when going through Concrete, assume there will be a speed trap!