Seahawks Suite Tasting

Every year in early August, the Seahawks host the suite owners to show them the food choices available for ordering in the suites for gameday. This year was the best so far.

Levy Restaurants is replacing Aramark in the entire stadium. It seems we weren’t the only ones unhappy with Aramark! Levy put on a good showing of food available, and introduced the team members we could be dealing with for various aspects of the service. Hopefully, they will be putting a lot of emphasis on the service this year.

The big difference for the event this year was the location. For the first time they held this inside the Seahawks locker room. This is quite a large room here’s more information about the space. They now have a large logo in the middle of the floor, roped off to stop us walking on it.

The route to the locker room was rather circuitous, as the club level is being remodelled, and the work needs to be done by next Wednesday for the Real Madrid soccer game.

The George Halas trophy was present in the middle of the room, with Corky taking photos of people with the trophy. Interestingly, Corky’s brother-in-law re-seeded our front lawn this year…

After the event, we picked up our tickets for the year, and a box containing the suite menu and a large bar of chocolate marked The Sweet Taste of Success

The first pre-season game is now just a week away – here comes Football!