Real Madrid comes to Quest Field

September 4, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

Our first event of the year for our suite was the Real Madrid game on August 9. For us, these tickets were complimentary – free, as in beer! This was probably a good thing, since the new regime at Quest Field was really not ready for this event.

The traffic sucked getting to the game – weekday evening games are just a bad idea when it comes to actually getting there – so we were the first to arrive in our suite. The door to all the suites were wide open, with no security outside. This is a problem for us, as we have personal items in our suite, and we expect to be able to keep these items secure. Last year, there was a security person on every pair of doors (and we still had something stolen during a game!).

Some of the food had been delivered, but it looked like the process had been abandoned by the suite attendant. It took another 90 minutes to get more of our food, and some of it was never delivered. It seems that Levy didn’t have enough staff hired for this event, and hadn’t re-assigned anyone to actually cover our suite. Dinarte got this changed pretty fast.

At one point during the game, two girls slipped into our suite and into the bathroom, locking themselves in. Finding someone from security was tricky, but we eventually got them out and handed over. They claimed ignorance, but were clearly too drunk to be safe.

Later, more people came in looking confused. This can easily be a tactic to see if there’s anything worth taking, and if anyone’s paying attention. We lost a purse during the Dallas game last year.

Dinarte made it clear to Levy and Patti (our Seahawks suite contact), that lack of security is a no-no, and we’ve had someone on our door for subsequent games. Only our suite seems to be getting this treatment, so stuff may be going missing in those suites.

Dinarte had ordered a birthday cake for one of his guests. He’d ordered chocolate frosting with raspberry filling. They delivered a completely different cake style, but they did spell the name right!

On the way out, we had the suite door locked behind us – again, not a standard procedure for club level suites.

There should be an access card entry system for each suite by the first game of the year – September 17 – but the cynic in me thinks it will take most of the year to get that system working.

The game itself? I’m not a big soccer fan, so it seemed a little slow most of the time, with only a few exciting parts.