Seahawks Game: Dallas Cowboys pre-season

September 7, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

The Dallas Cowboys came to town on Saturday, August 12. For the second event in a row, we had to
stop and wait 10 minutes for a train outside the stadium. A smart planner would have worked out
this train thing on game day, but I guess getting caught in bad traffic is part of the event.

Our food and drink order seemed to work a little better this time around. I think there were a few
issues, but not as bad as the first event. I believe Levy comped us for this event since their
first event was so bad.

Again we had the only security person on the suite doors. The suite next to us – Club 9 – was
completely empty, but unlocked. It didn’t take long for people to wander in and make themselves at
home. Some of those people were from Club 10 – they just wanted better seats! Lisa had security
move them on.

The Seahawks didn’t play too well for this one, but the crowd started out in mid-season form, so we
all had a good time.

One of the advantages of a poor game (or a blow-out) is that the stadium empties out from the end of the third quarter onwards, making our exit much nicer.

This year, the Seahawks have put up a large framed photo of Matt holding up the George
trophy after the NFC championship game. It’s not
clear to us who owns this – us or them? We also have a framed 12 jersey too.

Next up – the Raiders.