Microsoft Puzzlehunt Atlantis finished

February 12, 2007 Link to post  Permalink

Our team – the Dirty Smackmasters – convened for the 10th Microsoft Puzzlehunt (Puzzlehunt A). This year was an Atlantis theme, and we did a little better than last time – we’ll probably be in the low 30’s our of 75 when the results come out. We solved all but 14 puzzles, and we had about 3 or 4 that we were really close on.

This year, we made great progress at the start, and someone has a screenshot of the standings page to show us in 2nd! I like it when the first puzzles allow you to make progress. One year, we solved nothing in the first 4 hours. This is a good way to make you feel stupid.

One tip to anyone making puzzles – don’t use pizza! This year, one of the puzzles involved the layout of olives on a delivered pizza. Our olives had all moved by the time we received it, so we had no chance to solve this until we got a photo of the expected layout. We wasted so much time on this, and then didn’t have enough time to solve it once we got the correct layout.

Once again, we had too much bad food, but we did have a good time. For the first time, I didn’t sleep at all, and then crashed at 7 on Sunday evening for 12 hours!

Update: Is seems we did finish 29th!

Microsoft Puzzlehunt has a Wikipedia entry (hopefully not edited by someone involved to avoid the Wikipedia editor’s wrath)

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