4 1/2 Rails plugins I use in every project

February 7, 2007 Link to post  Permalink

Any time I’m starting a Rails project, I pick which base plugins I’m going to need to get the job done. Here are the ones I use the most.

SQL Session Store

This is Stefan’s implementation of the SQL session store bypassing ActiveRecord for performance. Wasting cycles on loading the session is not what I want my servers to be spending their time on.

Exception Notification

We all want to know when our production servers are having problems. The Exception Notification plugin sends you mail when exceptions occur. One note: Routing errors are not caught by this plugin, which may be important for you to catch.

Acts As Slugable

Put the title of your model into the URL for that model, not just its ID. This is great for SEO purposes, and is easier to read when looking at urls.

Obie just wrote about how to do this manually

Action Cache

Shameless plug! You can’t run a production web site without some sort of caching of page results. Page caching is the best, if your site has pages that can use this form of caching. Action caching is the next best, and my action_cache plugin extends the functionality of action caching (and works around bugs that can be annoying)

Acts As Authenticated

Not really a plugin, once the Acts As Authenticated generator has been run, the plugin can be deleted (hence the 1/2). The generated code has issues when you start adding extra functionality from the wiki, but the basics get you going pretty quickly.