Fun with Red Hat

I installed Red Hat for the first time this week. I’ve done Debian a number of times, but this was my first go around with the King of Linux. Here’s my thoughts on why Red Hat has yet to achieve world domination.

Use a graphical UI?

During install, you get to pick which packages to install. Under UI, I unchecked all the graphical UI options, cause I want to run a server. On first login after the install, the login system comes up in with a graphical UI.

The fix here is to boot in Single User mode and change a 5 to a 3 in /etc/inittab.

How to login?

During install, I was asked for a root password, but never a user account. At the graphical login prompt, it informs me that root is not allowed to login. Now I have a system I can’t get into. Nice job.

Once again, single user mode comes to the rescue. In single user mode I can use the various tools to create a user and set the password, remembering to unlock the user so they can log in!

Disabled packages run anyway!

The install allowed me to uncheck Sendmail. Silly me for thinking that this would ensure that Sendmail would not run, and might even be left off the disk. But no! Sendmail is installed and running (without any configuration from me, so who knows what mail is flowing)

Good points?

The Red Hat knowledge base did help get me past these issues. When I typed in my query, I always got back a response that moved me forward. I’ve been using Microsoft technologies for 20 years, and their help stuff stopped doing this for me back in 1993.

Which would you use?

Sadly, I have to use Red Hat for a specific project, so I will beat it into submission and bend it to my will! Given a choice, I’d be using Debian for my server.

Next: Install my Rails stack.