Install Trac on Dreamhost

I’ve just installed Trac on a sub-domain on Dreamhost. The best information I could find on this is at but the information does have one issue.

The instructions cause the required Python libraries to be installed in two places – some go into lib/python and others into lib/python2.3/site-packages. To make the installation work for me, I needed to add both locations to the PYTHONPATH environment variable in all the locations that define it.




It took me an hour to track down the error when running trac-admin.

Also, I did miss some places where the username must be added to the scripts, as I was trying to go too fast.

I’ve given up on Collaboa for this function, as I need to spend time debugging my own code. Running Rails apps on Dreamhost can be tricky, and if the app needs some advanced configuration, like talking to Subversion, then the problems compound to the point where you spend all of your time trying to keep the site running.