My new Dell M6400 Covet laptop rocks

I just got a new laptop to replace my 3 year old E1505. Its orange.

I’ve been looking at getting a Dell M6400 Mobile Workstation, and had got the configuration setup just the way I wanted: 8GB Ram, fast dual core CPU, SSD, 17" 1920×1200. I liked the color of the Covet version, but Dell is offering 10% off the regular one, and the Covet configured the way I wanted was $1,100 more at $4,600!

When poking around looking for discounts, I saw a link to the Dell Outlet store, and here’s the page I found for the M6400 Outlet – when I first visited, there were 3 pages, now I’m typing this, there are 8 computers total! The availability changes fast, and what you see is what’s available.

I saw a configuration that was close enough to what I wanted to go for it, the only major missing piece was the SSD drive. Total price: $2,700 for 8GB, 160GB disk, 17" RGB 1920×1200, 3.06GHz dual core. With the addition of an 80GB Intel x25 SSD from NewEgg for $315, this is my $3,500 for just over $3,000. Just add credit card!

When the box arrived, and I opened it up, inside was a Covet version!

So now I have a computer that Dell is selling for $4,600 for a total cost of $3,000.

This is a refurbished computer, but it has a full 3 year warranty.

What is wrong with it for someone to have sent it back? When I received it, the OS was Vista 32 bit. This OS was reporting 3.5GB RAM. In the box was a recovery disk for Vista 64bit. I wonder if someone received it, saw that there was less than 4GB RAM when 8GB was ordered and then returned it.

As a benchmark, this laptop runs my apps test suite in 1/3 the time of my Dell E1505, and the 17" screen is much easier to work with many windows.