Announcing the Faster Rails Newsletter

January 3, 2013 Link to post  Permalink

Happy New Year everyone.

In the spirit of doing something new, I’m starting a monthly newsletter dedicated to improving the performance of your Ruby on Rails applications. The Faster Rails newsletter will take a subject every month and offer some insight into how you can use a particular feature of Ruby on Rails to make your application faster.

In upcoming issues, I’ll cover in depth how to use the asset pipeline, the upcoming Ruby on Rails version 4, and how to make sure your database access is optimal. All of these newsletters will show you how to use Rails features you already have available to make your applications as fast as possible to attract more users and retain them for longer.

In addition to the main content, I’ll include some links to other resources that will be useful to make your Rails apps faster.

Signup is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. The signup form is in the sidebar of this blog - please visit the site if you’re reading this in a news reader. The first issue will be sent at the end of January.