Upgrading the blog to Rails 6

August 11, 2019 Link to post  Permalink

Multi Thread Image After a short delay, I’ve upgraded the software for this blog and am planning on getting back into blogging regularly.

How long have I been away? Well, upgrading from Rails 3 to Rails 6 is not something I recommend in a single step. Since this blog is actually a very simple Rails app, it was easier to create a new Rails application and move the relevant code into the new app than it was to try to upgrade the code in-place. Missing 2 major versions of Rails is quite a gap.

At the same time as upgrading, I wanted to simplify the template and remove as much cruft as possible, but not go as far as using a static site generator. I’m using the Pure CSS system, with some minor customizing for my own content. This code also uses Turbolinks to reduce time between pages.

I’ve also added some custom code to pull all the images through Cloudinary to get CDN support, and for Cloudinary to generate browser specific versions of all those images. I’m a huge fan of what Cloudinary makes simple for image transforms and hosting, and even more so as they have a free level that works great for small sites like mine.

With all these changes, the blog now scores a full 100 points with Google Page Speed Insights for both Mobile and Desktop versions. Surprisingly, you can score 100 and still have things to fix!