Real Madrid comes to Quest Field

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Our first event of the year for our suite was the Real Madrid game on August 9. For us, these tickets were complimentary – free, as in beer! This was probably a good thing, since the new regime at Quest Field was really not ready for this event.

The traffic sucked getting to the game – weekday evening games are just a bad idea when it comes to actually getting there – so we were the first to arrive in our suite. The door to all the suites were wide open, with no security outside. This is a problem for us, as we have personal items in our suite, and we expect to be able to keep these items secure. Last year, there was a security person on every pair of doors (and we still had something stolen during a game!).

Some of the food had been delivered, but it looked like the process had been abandoned by the suite attendant. It took another 90 minutes to get more of our food, and some of it was never delivered. It seems that Levy didn’t have enough staff hired for this event, and hadn’t re-assigned anyone to actually cover our suite. Dinarte got this changed pretty fast.

Dreamhost Wordpress setup is quite large

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After running a few deployments, I was concerned that the deployment process was a little slow. On closer inspection, the default Dreamhost setup for Wordpress comes with 50 themes. This is great functionality, but 49 of them are not used at any one time, and should be removed once you’ve picked the one you want to use.

For my configuration, I kept the default theme, the one I picked as a base for my site, and a copy of that theme I will make changes to as I need.

This reduces the size of my deployment from over 15MB to less than 4MB, and my deployment time is now a lot faster.

Deploying Wordpress on Dreamhost with Capistrano

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I’m playing around a little with Wordpress, and one of the first things I want to do is have a development environment at home, deploying to my Dreamhost account

This information is based very heavily on Duncan Ponting’s post on Wordpress and Capistrano with a few changes for my personal use, and to work with Dreamhost.

Here are my steps:

1. Create a new domain (or sub-domain) in the Dreamhost control panel – I set mine to run PHP5 and use my account. I then set the web directory field to be ‘’ instead of the default of ‘’. I also removed the WWW using the radio buttons.

Rails memory usage and long running background tasks

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I have a backround task for my rails app to send a bulk mailing to a list of email addresses and receive the incoming replies to those mailings to detect bounces and de-activate email addresses. The mailing is controlled by my rails app, with the relevant model indicating what to send and when.

I’m currently using rails_cron for this task, running as a daemon, and polling for the outgoing mailing and incoming mail in the user’s mailbox. When poking around with top, I noticed this process is using about 23MB of virtual space. Since I’m expecting to send maybe two mailings a week, using 23MB all the time seems to be a little excessive.

I wrote a small test ruby script to see the ruby minimum app size:

This app takes up just over 3MB while running. Large for doing nothing, but I can live with that for now.

Action cache plugin updated to support UTF

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Thanks to a comment from Hui to this post I’ve updated the Action Cache plugin as he suggested.

At this time, I’ve also used the Plugin Test Kit to add some tests to the plugin.

These can be run using Rake from your app:

Only some simple tests to see the main code path is executed are there right now, but some testing is better than none.

Z8 photos from our recent Kelowna trip

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Andrew has put up some photos I sent him from our trip to Kelowna last week.

The gallery can be found here

Bellevue is full of geeks for PAX

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The Penny Arcade Expo is in town this weekend. The streets are full of wandering geeks. Lisa and I passed a goober1 of geeks this morning, and all of them were wearing T-shirts from either Think Geek or Jinx

1 We came up with ‘goober’ as the collective noun for geeks, but it turns out that geek can be used as the collective noun for engineers

Drive slow in Concrete unless you have money to burn

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I’d heard that Concrete, WA was not a place you want to speed through, but on my two previous trips through that town, I’d seen no police presence.

This last weekend, we drove through Concrete twice. On the east bound trip, there was a speed trap right at the exit of the town, just as the limit went back up to 50, followed by 3 more speed traps over the next 20 miles! I guess there’s no crime in the area.

On the way back a few days later, again on the exit of town, another speed trap on the side of the road.

The traps in town were both in the parking lots of convenience stores or gas stations, with unmarked cars for cover. I didn’t even see the last one at all – Lisa noticed as we cruised by at exactly 35 mph in the Z8.

What if a menu item doesn't contain the main ingredient?

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Lisa and I were in a small bistro on Sunday evening. To finish the dinner, we both ordered the passion fruit and mango creme brulee. The brulee was very good, but neither of us could detect the slightest hint of either passion fruit or mango. The waiter, having consulted the kitchen, swore that ‘3 ounces of passion fruit liquer’ were added. No mention of whether this was per serving, or for the whole batch.

So, what do we do? As I mentioned, this was still a fine desert, just not quite the one we ordered.

With the number of places to get good food, do we just not go there again? Or do we go back to a place that may not treat it’s customers as well as they could?

Being blacklisted is no fun

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After updating my action cache plugin I thought I’d go to Ben’s awesome rails plugin repository to update the entry. When I try to edit the entry, I get an access denied message.

It seems that not only are my bittorrent ports blocked by Millenium Digital but my IP is on an anti-span blacklist that Ben uses to keep spam out of his plugin database.

Only a few more weeks until the remodel is complete and we can move in to our new condo