Action Cache plugin bug fix

August 11, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

I’ve updated my action cache code plugin to fix a bug reported by Eli Miller.

The fix changes the code that sets the Last Modified header on the response to only set the header if the controller code hasn’t already set it.

Original action cache post

The Seahawks Suite experience

August 10, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

This is the last year of our suite lease with the Seahawks. For this last year, I will be blogging about every event that we attend, and all the stuff that they give us over the year. This will both give people a view into the VIP experience that the NFL can offer, as well as provide a record for myself so I can remember the good times we had.

First, some background.

Back in 1999, I conviced Dinarte to go in with me to share a 10 person suite for the last year of the Kingdome. This was Mike Holmgren’s first year with the Seahawks, and this was a good way to get good seats. I’ll post about some of the things that I can remember from that first year during the quiet times.

In 2000, the Seahawks started selling suites in the yet-to-be-built stadium. They had a mock-up of a 24 seat suite in their office, and we quickly picked an 18 seat suite on the club level. We picked this for two reasons. Firstly, it was the only ‘small’ (less than 36 seats) suite that was close to the middle of the field, and secondly, there are concession stands outside, so we wouldn’t need to buy the food every week.

Ben does e-commerce with Rails

August 10, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

My colleague, Ben, has just published an update to his Rails e-commerce book that is cunningly called The Money Train

He also has a blog entry about the update that those of you who read the book may want to comment on about screenshots he isn’t yet doing. Also, his original blog entry on how he’s attacking the problem – the store front really is the tip of the iceburg.

Check it out, buy a copy, help Ben purchase that new Mac Pro he’s already drooling over.

Seahawks Suite Tasting

Every year in early August, the Seahawks host the suite owners to show them the food choices available for ordering in the suites for gameday. This year was the best so far.

Levy Restaurants is replacing Aramark in the entire stadium. It seems we weren’t the only ones unhappy with Aramark! Levy put on a good showing of food available, and introduced the team members we could be dealing with for various aspects of the service. Hopefully, they will be putting a lot of emphasis on the service this year.

The big difference for the event this year was the location. For the first time they held this inside the Seahawks locker room. This is quite a large room here’s more information about the space. They now have a large logo in the middle of the floor, roped off to stop us walking on it.

The route to the locker room was rather circuitous, as the club level is being remodelled, and the work needs to be done by next Wednesday for the Real Madrid soccer game.

Bittorrent ports blocked by Millenium Digital

We’re currently living in a place (in Bellevue, WA) that gives us internet access through Millenium Digital cable. The speed is Ok, but in the middle of last week my bittorrent downloads of the TV show Fifth Gear stopped working.

Since no-one else on the Final Gear web sie was complaining, I assumed it was just me seeing this problem. After some research, it looks like Millenium is blocking port 6969, the bittorrent default tracker port.

Luckily, I have a Dreamhost account that allows me shell access. I installed the enhanced version of CTorrent to my account and downloaded the files to there, and then just copied the files out of my account using WinSCP. Suprisingly, even doing it this way was actually faster than using Bittorret had been!

The next step would be to run a proxy server at my Dreamhost account and work out how to get ABC (my bittorrent client) to use this proxy server for port 6969 access. Just looking in the UI gives no clues to how this is done, so some trial and error will be needed to make this work.

Our Kelowna residence is now open

They seem to have the pool area open on the roof of our new vacation home in Kelowna.

(click the images to see a bigger picture)

Hopefully, the closing documentation will be available in the next few weeks and we can use our first week in August.

Blog software updated

I upgraded my Typo software from 2.6 to the newly released 4.0 this week.

This process was a lot smoother than I thought it would be. The hardest part was backing up everything before hand.

I fully recommend the 4.0 software, you can check it out on the TypoSphere website.

Buying an unlocked cell phone in the US

One thing no-one talks about is how the unlocked cell phone market works in the US.

I bought a pink RAZR for Lisa earlier this year, and I just got a black RAZR for myself. Since these are unlocked, they are not US models of the phone, which makes for some interesting issues.

Lisa’s phone is for an African market (we think South Africa), so the power brick doesn’t fit into a US socket. No matter, we are world travellors and have a handly travel adaptor.

My shiny new phone seems to be from Hong Kong. This comes with a UK style plug. This time, the company selling the phone threw an adaptor in the box. Very helpful.

Our house is now for sale

After a whole bunch of work – most of it by Lisa – our house is now listed for sale.

Here’s the listing on Redfin

Switched to Vonage

We are moving soon, and need to be fairly mobile during the move time, we decided to switch our phone to VoIP and picked Vonage as our provider.

We transferred our existing home number to the account. This should have taken 20 days, but actually took about 10, so I had to dig out the Vonage box from our new condo and bring it back home on Wednesday to make sure we had phone service on Thursday.

At about lunch time, Verizon switched us off. Sometime in the evening, Vonage switched us on. Sucks to be out of touch for most of the day, especially when you’re expecting calls. Verizon customer service was less than useful during this time – “you’re not our customer anymore, goodbye”.

Our new service seems to be running Ok. The phone line is a lot louder now, so the volume on the phones have all needed to be turned down.