Valentine's Day

February 16, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

I got Lisa a pink RAZR phone for Valentines day. She seems to like it a lot.

Lisa got me some cookies (yum!), a speaker pillow.

In addition, she made me a frog at Build-a-Bear – with a Seahawks shirt and cargo pants. She got a frog since I was speaking like a frog over the weekend. Its very cute.

Time to find a new job

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I’ve decided I need to go back to work. I’ve been working on a project since the summer, but I don’t think I want to take it forward as a business. I don’t really want to do all the business things that need to go along with the rest of the work.

I’m putting my resume together and searching for a job, preferably using my new Ruby on Rails knowledge, and close to home in Redmond (I really hate commuting)

I haven’t done a resume since 2002, so there’s a lot of new stuff to put in.

My fame continues to grow

February 16, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

Rich Eisen published an extract from an email I sent him for the second time.

Check it out

I hate being sick

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I’ve been really sick the last week or so. I think I picked up something bad in Detroit. I seem to have some sort of sinus infection with a cold. My throat hasn’t stopped hurting since the Super Bowl!

I’m getting better now, at least I’m not sleeping 18 hours a day anymore.

Where do the pre-printed shirts go

February 11, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

The Onion has an article about where the NFL disposes of the losers winning clothing.

African Child Loves His ‘World Champion Seahawks’ T-Shirt

Super Bowl pre-game party

February 7, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

Dave Krieg was at the pre-game party hosted by Prime Sport. Jeff and Doug have some pictures and got his autograph on their hats. Not many of the Seahawks fans recognized him, so he had a fairly quiet time at the party.

Seahawks fans are the best in the NFL

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I’ve heard Matt and other Seahawk players and staff say that the Seahawk fans are the best in the NFL. After seeing the Steeler fans on Sunday, they may be right.

The Steelers weren’t nasty or anything, in fact the ones I met were pretty good. As a group, they just didn’t seem to be football fans. They are Steeler fans, and the Steelers just happen to play football.

During the game, two things stood out:

When the Seahawks play at home, the fans cheer from the opening whistle, and on every defensive down (sometimes louder than others, but there’s always some noise). The Steelers weren’t even in the game on the first snap of the game!

You know you have an uphill battle...

February 7, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

…when the referees come onto the field waving Terrible Towels

KJR Super Bowl radio show

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We were at a party on Saturday in the NFL HQ in downtown Detroit. We were 4 floors above the media center. KJR was broadcasting while we were there.

Due to the large number of people in the building, and the cold outside, there was condensation on the inside of th atrium roof that was dripping on them during the show. I’m sure they thought we were dropping beer on them.

I really am famous - thank's Rich!

February 5, 2006 Link to post  Permalink

We bumped into someone at the bar last night that had read my email to Rich Eisen in his weekly column.

I’m officially famous!