Windows & Unix development with Rails

November 3, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

My development environment is Windows. My production environment will be some form of Linux. I have a Debian server setup to test production issues. I have started playing with SwitchTower to deploy my production environment.

Once I’d set the whole thing up, SwitchTower almost worked first time. I eventually found the two reasons it didn’t work first time:

So, how to solve this? A quick search through the subversion documentation found two items:

Adding these two properties to my Rails scripts (dispatch.fcgi and everything in the script directory) and all is well with my SwitchTower processing.

Big Green Egg and pulled pork

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We have a medium size Big Green Egg Currently, it contains about 10lbs of pork butt, smoking at about 250F (a little warm, but I’m working on it). After about 16-18 hours, this cheap piece of meat will be fantasic!

With a little of Lisa’s BBQ sauce, this is a food item that people fight over at our parties.

The Big Green Egg makes this process very easy. The thing lights up really easily, retains heat really well and will go at 200-250F on a single load of charcoal for 14-18 hours. Its almost foolproof.

The blogsphere is a small place

October 30, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

I was reading this article on The Post Money Value blog, when I saw a link to Ask Leo.

Strangly, I purchased a house from Leo and his wife back in 1997.

Typo has caching issues

October 26, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

I’ve changed my sidebar and my Typo theme (the old one sucked on IE 6), but I can’t get Typo to display the newly updated home page correctly, even after manually clearing the cache files from the disk.

Weird. Perhaps this new post will cause the home page to update correctly?

Resolved – Typo generates static files for caching purposes. I’d cleared out the public/articles directory, but I missed the public/index.html file. There is a bug here still, since adding a new article should have caused that file to be re-generated.

Whats in your trunk?

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The common measure of the size of the trunk of a car is the golf bag – how many golf bags can fit in the trunk.

If you’re from a certain group of people, your common measurement may be – how many bodies can you fit?

At a recent party, someone wanted to know how big the Z8 trunk is. Since we didn’t have any golf bags available, we used the second form of measurement.

Ambient Orb and Damage Control

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I’m running Damage Control This code has some stubbed out code that can be used to have a build update your Ambient Orb when the build is complete.

Since I have my fancy new ambient project on rubyforge, I decided to flesh out this stub code to update my orb on build completion.

This code replaces the content of the ambient_orb.rb file in the lib/damagecontrol/publisher directory:

The file can be downloaded from here: ambient_orb.rb

Rails application testing in Damage Control

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The Problem:

I’m setting up a Damage Control server to run tests for my Rails app when the code gets checked in. The default rake task causes the test database to be cloned from the development database. My Damage Control server has no development database, so the whole thing is broken.

Searching the web, this problem is mentioned on Patrick Lenz’s blog but I can find nothing on how to make this work.

Delving into the Rails tasks, the simplest hook place I can see is in the :clone_structure_to_test and :clone_schema_to_test tasks. Each of these has a pre-requisite to perform a dump of the development database before loading that dump file into the test database. If only I could stop the dump from taking place, and use the checked in schema files, my problem would be solved.

Seahawks Rock!

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For the first time in a long time, the Seahawks had some good luck and managed to squeak by with a win against Dallas! This was the loudest we’ve heard Seahawks Stadium Qwest Field.

The second best part of the day was being on the field for warmups and team introductions. The Seahawks organized this for a bunch of suite holders, the first time in this stadium.

Those guys are big. The small guys are my size.

We were on the Dallas side of the field for this treat, so we were real close to the Dallas players as they came and went. I was this close to Drew Bledsoe and The Tuna.

Covad is stalking me

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In my search for better DSL service, I visited a number of sites to check availability. One of those was Covad.

As part of the availability checks, they need your phone number. Of all the sites I visited, only Covad chose to use this phone number to start calling to try to make the sale. They’ve called every two days for the last week, but with no caller-id being displayed, we leave the voice mail to deal with them.

Is this just rude to re-purpose the information I gave them?

WSU Cheese Making courses now open

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WSU has two cheese making courses running early in 2006. The registration for these is now open.

WSU Cheese Making

The Farmstead/Artisan course is very similar to the one Lisa and I took at the University of Idaho in September.

Some notes on that course are here