My First Open Source Project

October 23, 2005 Link to post  Permalink

I just uploaded my Ambient Orb library to RubyForge, and the code is now available as a gem to all Ruby programmers.

Check it out here

Rails almost ready to ship 1.0

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I sync’d to the latest Rails code today to get the 1.0 RC2 version. The only issues I had were the ones mentioned in the documentation – rakefile and environment.rb major changes.

I did have to perform some editing to move forward my ActiveRecord patch for multiple databases, but that is to be expected when making that type of change.

My code is running as I expected, and it may even be performing better (I just haven’t got to the point of measuring it yet). I look forward to getting SwitchTower all setup with my virtual server farm in the near future.

Check it out

Adam Bosworth and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Adam has a serious message here: Speaking Up

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a more lighthearted way of covering some of the points Adam raises.

Is cheap, reliable, internet access too hard?

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My DSL upload speed sucks. 100-150 kbps is as good as it gets for my alleged 768 kbps upload connection. Verizon technical support tells me two things:

Their reasoning is that if the download speed is Ok, then the upload speed will be Ok too. That’s it, you’re on your own.

I’ve done as much testing as I can here, and it still seems to me to be a problem in the Verizon network, but the first line of tech support is designed to avoid actually helping me. Thanks to, I now have the phone number of some uber-support group at Verizon that has helped people in the past.

Perhaps I can switch to Comcast?

Firefox validation extension

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Derek just sent me a link to a Firefox extension that performs validation of the HTML of the current page.

Unlike most, it does this without sending the HTML to an external site, so I can use it for my internal web pages. Also, it does this for every page and displays an icon in the status bar.

Very cool.

HTML Validation Extension

Interesting effect

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Here’s an interesting optical illusion

How to make cheese - 2

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Our two day adventure in making cheese is almost over, all we need to do now is drive home. We met some great people and learnt a great deal about how to make cheese for small scale production.

The hands on part was great, split into 8 groups, we made two different cheeses – feta and havarti. I was in a group making the feta and Lisa made the other. Being able to see what other people were doing differently, whilst following the same instructions was very informative. All of the cheeses turned out to be edible, but some were better than others. Our feta was a little over-salted (my fault), but tasted ok later on the second day.

Dave Potter taught us all about starters and cultures, this can be a very technical area, and it did seem that way for most people, but knowing the process that is going on will help us control it better. Dave also did a section on how to control the process, which things can be changed, what happens to other parts if you do change them.

Strange rendering in HTML forms

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HTML forms have always had strange issues. Here’s one I came across today that I’ve not seen before.

I have some HTML that looks like this:

The Firefox browser renders this as if it was:

The div causes the p element to be closed early. The Firefox DOM inspector shows this quite nicely.

Cheese wedding cake?

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An unusual use for cheese.

Cheese Cake

Two cheese reviews

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Right in the middle of a blog about corporate stuff, there’s some posts about cheese.

Two Gems From Neal’s Yard Diary

Its also here: